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The r/SF EU Monthly - #6

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The r/SF EU Monthly #6

Be sure to check out the r/SF post for all the details (https:/redd.it/5ba10a); synopsis below.

Rules and format :

  • Double Stage : Bracket are double elimination and final stage is double elimination 
  • Best of 3 for all matches until the Top 8; best of 5 in the Top 8
  • All characters are allowed. Only the loser of the last set can change character
  • You should take a screenshot/picture at the end of each set
  • You should record the match in case of a disconnection
  • A player who disconnect forfeits the match if it can be proven by the other player that he disconnected
  • In case of a conflict the TO will take the final decision
  • All results must be either : 
    • Entered in Challonge directly
    • Given to the TOs on Discord with a screenshot/picture if taken
  • In case of conflict without screenshot made the TO will decide the results
  • All matches before the Top 8 can be played without the "go" of the TOs (after the tournament has been officially started)
  • If a player is more than 10min late he forfeits the match
  • Top 8 will be streamed by the TOs therefore don't play a Top 8 match without a TO in the lobby
  • For the Top 8 the TO will invite you in a lobby
  • Register here with your Challonge account then either match your discord/challonge with your CFN name OR add all these name in your Discord name.
  • The discord link : https://discordapp.com/invite/hBKtwDs
  • The Kanzuki Beach Stage is banned

Tournament Organizers : 

Discord : rXp#6494

CFN : rXpSwiss_PC

PS4 : rXpCH

Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/rxp/

Discord : Aremah#0445

CFN PC: AremahPC

CFN PS4 : Aremah (not in use atm)

Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Aremah

Discord : Meemunsson#3922

CFN : Meemunsson

Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/meemunsson/


冠军: Lord_Venom
有价值对手: x3Terror
下次再说: ClimaxX


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